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1st Amendment For Me, Not For Thee! Library Board Restricts Public Comment For April 2023 Meeting.

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Remember how the Library has continually used the 1st amendment as their excuse to continue to allow children unfettered access to sexually explicit materials?

Guess What?! Now they are restricting real 1st amendment rights. Yours and mine. Get a load of the following CB4Kids post.

Let's remember what the library trustees and directors have continually stated: the 1st amendment gives all kids the "right to read." They claim this allows unfettered materials for the kids' sections of the library - including the filth! But suddenly, they want to restrict the 1st amendment... 🔈🔈‼️ IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The CLN board reached consensus in March that starting with the April board meeting, the total amount of time for public comment will be limited to 30 mins (3 mins public comment each). Each person can only sign in once for themselves. First come basis. The April mtg will be @ the Athol branch starting at 9am. Athol is one of the farthest branches for a meeting location and meetings have customarily commenced at 2pm - when people who work might be able to come. This new development is interestingly one month before the CLN Board election, and after 3 months straight of upset citizens flooding their meetings with public comment because they REFUSED TO LISTEN TO THEIR CONCERNS ABOUT OBSCENITY FOR OVER A YEAR! Last meeting, media reps were almost excluded from being present and only allowed to enter when others gave up their seats. Contact the library trustees and respectfully ask them to uphold the first amendment. Scroll all the way to the bottom to "Contact."


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