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How Did We Get Here?

It's Shocking

Let's face it:  kids have always been able to get their hands on naughty books. But years ago, it might have been an occasional sneaked adult book read in secret. Or an adult magazine left behind by an older sibling.  Not anymore!  No need for kids to pass around a dog-eared, second-hand adult paperback because now there's abundant graphic sexuality throughout books for minors.  And these books are all over local public libraries.  

Seems unbelievable ... but sadly, it's true. 

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What Idahoans Value

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Idaho's Laws

In 1972, Idaho's legislators passed laws clearly defining and outlawing obscenity regarding minors


there's an exemption for schools and libraries.

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What qualifies as "obscene"
and "pornographic"?

Source:  Merriam-Webster

Too much ... too soon

Kids' brains aren't ready for this information.                                      Premature exposure leads to very harmful outcomes.                    The American College of Pediatricians issued a dire warning:

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    Trustees Set The
    Materials Policy

    Image - Library Shelves.jpg

    Whether appointed or elected, library board trustees determine the materials selection policy. 

    The materials policies determine what's selected by each library system. 

    Do these Community Library Network (CLN
    ) and Coeur d'Alene (CDA) policies reflect what's appropriate for kids? 

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