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What Can Be Done?

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Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 13-13-56 SHOCKING Idaho Parents Confront Library Board By Reading
Separate & Not Equal 
The Coeur d'Alene library
and the
Community Library Network (CLN)
completely separate entities. 
However, patrons from either can use CDA
or any library within CLN. 
But their operations, management, boards
and funding are completely separate. 
Another BIG difference:
CLN board members are elected;
CDA board members are appointed by
CDA's mayor and city council.


Library Board Trustees & their staff
work for you!
Attend library board meetings and/or 
contact the trustees & staff that
sexually-explicit materials for minors are

Coeur d'Alene Library:

CDA library director: Michael Priest

Who determines teen book purchases?
CDA teen librarian:  Angela Flock

Community Library Network:

CLN director: Alexa Eccles


Who determines CLN teen book purchases:

Collection Development Librarian: 

Kari Wilson

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Ask your Idaho State representatives
to create legislation that would protect  children from pornography in their schools and libraries. 

Governor Little Vetoed the 2023 Library Bill

So, does our governor represent your values?

A new library bill will be introduced in the 2024 Idaho legislative session.
Let the governor know you support this bill.



So ... Which Books Are Ok?

Image - Books to Avoid - Girl.jpeg

Use these lists as resources for what to seek
what to avoid

New suggestions always welcome!

Submit titles to:

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